Financial Advisory

Business Valuations

StoneRidge Advisors’ ability to understand and determine the value of a company or financial institution is the foundation that sets our team of experts apart from other finance professionals. Our firm is built on integrity and exceptionally talented professionals who bring years of senior experience to each engagement.   


As clients’ needs become increasingly complex, they can only be addressed with more sophisticated strategic advice.  StoneRidge Advisors has provided well-documented financial analyses and valuation opinions for clients, large and small, in a wide variety of industries.


Companies and financial institutions require independent assessments of value for numerous reasons, including:

We encourage you to contact any of our professionals to discuss how StoneRidge can assist you in navigating through complex valuation issues in today's marketplace.


Fairness Opinions

In times of volatility and uncertainty, an independent opinion of fairness relative to the exchange of interest can provide comfort and legal support for any transaction. Additionally, independent fairness opinions are a key tool in defense against dissident shareholder claims.


Fairness Opinions are used for a variety of reasons including:

StoneRidge Advisors has substantial expertise in both the public and private company arena and can work with parties to resolve issues of fairness quickly and with integrity. Our professionals have worked with some of the largest corporations across the country and we understand the importance of sound objective advice.


Solvency Opinions

To protect against fraudulent transfers or future bankruptcy situations, solvency opinions are an important tool in providing comfort for financial sponsors, boards of directors and lenders. Solvency opinions are used to determine if a company is, and will be, solvent following the incurrence of indebtedness. The analysis is focused on three tests to determine solvency: a balance sheet, cash flow test, and capital adequacy contingent liabilities. The cash flow test examines the free cash flow produced by the company in relation to its future debt obligations. The capital adequacy test is designed to "stress test" management's cash flow projections to determine the level of cushion that a company has in meeting its future debt obligations. A company can only be deemed solvent if it passes all three of the solvency tests.


Solvency Opinions can be provided in a variety of situations, including:

StoneRidge Advisors has proven experience in providing solvency opinions. We complete a rigorous due diligence process, provide a thorough solvency analysis and opinion letter, and stand behind our work on every solvency opinion assignment.


Consulting Services

Corporate guidance is vital to any company’s success during economic downturns as well as during prosperous times. StoneRidge Advisors provides senior leadership and proven problem-solving expertise to improve or enhance the outcome for all stakeholders. Our services range from strategy to execution and include:

The professionals at StoneRidge Advisors know what it takes to position companies for success, whether that means an exit for shareholders or continued expansion. Our firm has worked with companies that range from start up ventures to Fortune 500 accounts. Reach out to one of our professionals to see how we can help you address your business needs.